Our biggest update yet: income & costs.

In our biggest update yet, we're adding full tour accounting capabilities. As of today, The Pack supports show income and all types of tour costs.

Our biggest update yet: income & costs.

Today, it feels a little bit like we’ve grown up*.

When we started building The Pack, we focussed our efforts on one problem: making it easy for tour managers to formalize agreements with crew, and making sure crew got paid.

As a result of the feedback we received, we recognized the significance of including things like expense receipts, invoices, VAT, USD and GBP currencies, Terms & Conditions, accepting contracts....

But 2 questions came back consistently:

  • Can I account for all my other costs as well? 
  • Can I track income as well so I have a full overview of tour profitability? 

So today, we are proud to announce our biggest update yet.

💰 Add income to your tour:

  • Add guaranteed income per day
  • Add forecasted additional income per day (e.g. your merch forecast)
Adding income to a tour day

💸 Account for any cost:

  • Add a quick cost to your budget in 3 clicks.
    • Select from 23 high level categories (production logistics, lights, rigging, insurance...)
    • Or go detailed and select from 100+ sub-categories (backline rental, cancellation insurance, carnet bond,...)
Adding a quick cost
  • Add a detailed cost linked to the tour calendar
    • Select which days a cost is made for ("every show day" or "on this specific day of the tour")
    • Add multiple cost line items ("splitter van rental per day" + "daily mileage costs" + "total estimated fuel costs")
    • Convert the cost to an agreement whenever needed by sharing it with a partner (supplier, crew member,...)
An overview of a detailed cost

💹 Compare income vs costs:

  • Compare your income vs costs at a glance
  • Keep an eye on your net earnings
Income vs costs comparison on the tour overview page

Towards tour accounting

We're very excited that this big update brings a simple way of doing tour accounting within reach of everyone - whether you're an experienced tour manager with years of experience on the road, or a junior tour accountant gaining your first experience in the wonderful world of live music.

With this update, we also updated our pricing packages to make them simpler and more easily accessible for any size of artist / tour / agency.
Check out our prices here - and let us know if you need help to figure out your ideal plan.

As always, we are extremely grateful to all our users and supporters who've gone out of their way to provide us the feedback we need to make The Pack better.

Thank you!

*Just kidding. We won't sit down, and we won't shut up, and most of all we will not grow up.