Front row to the new look.

We have an updated look and added some new handy features to make tour planning even easier.

Front row to the new look.


If you’ve logged on to your favorite financial tour management software recently, you may have noticed we performed a little “set changeover” on The Pack right before the weekend.

We updated our look, and added new functionalities to make tour planning easier and give you the information you need in a more glanceable way.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Prioritized tours on the homepage: your most important tours are now listed on the homepage
  • Improved calendar view: looks better and gives you more glanceable information on tour.
  • Clickable tour summary: Get quick access to budget, crew, and planning details.
  • Daily overview with switcher: Easily check crew/supplier schedules and spot any gaps.
  • Streamlined agreement overview: Review key information faster.

We hope you’ll like it, especially because this update wasn't designed in a vacuum...

💛 We had the pleasure of spending time in backstages and on video calls with some tour managers, production managers, and tour accountants listening to what we can do better, and getting input on the designs we were working on. 💛

And even though this update is launched and we’re proud of it, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or get lost backstage… 

We put the little chat icon in our software for a reason, so click it and tell us what you think of the renewed calendar, or whether daily overview switcher is useful!

We're tremendously looking forward to seeing and hearing what you'll do with The Pack.