Beta Launch: Tour Calendar & Crew Configurator

Product update: We launched calendar-based tour creation and crew configuration.

Beta Launch: Tour Calendar & Crew Configurator

Great news, everyone!

Late last year, we announced we were working on 2 things: calendar-based tour creation and a crew configurator.

We are now happy to launch it in public beta under “The Pack Tour” and are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Pack Tour is 100% free to use by the way.

Here are some of the things you can do:


  • Create a tour and assign a type to each day: show day, rehearsal day, travel day,...
  • Assign locations to each day


  • Add different crew roles to the tour: from tour managers to light techs and accountants
  • Add how every crew member gets paid through contract templates: combine day rates with show day fees, per diems,... or create your custom rates
  • Add equipment rental to crew costs where needed
  • Automatically calculate costs related to the day types you’ve specified in the tour calendar
  • Get an overview of the total cost per crew member, and a total crew cost across the entire tour
  • Collaborate with multiple people simultaneously on adding and editing crew

We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped us with early feedback on this feature; special thanks to Rob Thomson and Mathias Cobbaut for their in-depth remarks!

We will further be refining these 2 functionalities based on feedback in the coming weeks.

Once we are happy with the progress, we will start developing a seamless connection to The Pack Pay to handle crew payments.

Keep your eyes peeled!