Improvements to The Pack Tour

Product update: We launched a bunch of improvements to The Pack Tour, making it easier to add and edit crew contracts as well as getting a quick overview of costs.

Improvements to The Pack Tour

Quick product update!

Jonathan, our CTO, has been hard at work to improve the convenience of using The Pack Tour.

🚀️ Here are some of the improvements we made:

  • Total crew cost added: Crew contracts now display a total cost per contract - basically the sum of the costs of the individual contract items you added for a crew member.
    In addition, the tour summary page also gives you a handy overview of the total estimated crew cost across crew members.
  • Crew contracts sorted by creation date: Crew contracts are now automatically sorted on creation date, so you always have the most recent crew member you added on top of the list.
  • Crew contract search added: If you are working on a tour with a lot of crew members and need to make edits to a specific crew contract, you might be scrolling a lot up and down to find that particular person.
    To make that easier, we've implemented a search bar on the crew overview page. You can try searching for the crew role (e.g. "tour manager" or "FOH engineer") or for the name of the person taking up this role (e.g. "Sam Cutler")
  • Save & Add another contract item button added: When adding contract items to a crew member, you can now choose between "add to contract" and "Save & Add another contract item".
    When selecting "Save&Add", you stay in the screen and can easily keep adding more contract items until you're done.
    When you "add", you move on to the contract overview for that crew member.

🥁 Pro-tip:
If your planned tour days change (and we know this happens up until the very last minute), you can edit them easily in the tour calendar with a few clicks. Once that's done, all crew costs will be updated automatically based on the agreed crew contracts.

❓What's next?
We're hard at work on finalizing some features requested to us by an illustrious international tour and production collective, to enable them to run their entire tour finance planning through The Pack.
These features will of course be made available to anyone using The Pack.

We hope these improvements will make your experience with The Pack Tour better, and make planning tours more convenient!

If there is any functionality you're missing in order to follow in the footsteps of our fantastic users, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our founders, or to

And now, please check out the recent improvements here! :)