Hot update: Invite Crew Members to your Tours!

Product update: The Pack Tour now enables tour organizers to directly share crew contracts with crew members and will keep them updated automatically. We also added features like contract context, inviting new members, and brand selection.

Hot update: Invite Crew Members to your Tours!

Here’s a scenario that quite some of you will be familiar with:

✅ You’ve planned a tour on The Pack Tour.

✅ You have added your dates and routing, added your show days and travel days, you have created contracts for the different crew members you’re taking along, and you’ve gotten a nice overview of the costs per crew member.

❌ Now you're faced with the tedious task to inform all of these crew members of when the tour is happening and what they'll be paid for their work.

Or are you?

Not anymore!

🥁 Thanks to the latest update on The Pack Tour, you can now directly share crew contracts with crew members, and keep them informed automatically whenever something changes!

🎸Things to try with this new update:

  • Add Contract Context: Every contract between a tour organizer and a crew member now has a title and a description. This allows tour organizers to add context to the contract, and add a message for the invited crew member.

  • Share Immediately or Assign and Share Later: When you are building a contract, you can select the crew member you want to work with and share the contract with them directly… or you can already assign them, but wait until you’re ready to share the contract later.

  • Invite new Members: When a crew member is not using The Pack yet, you can do 2 things: either you invite them directly from the crew selection field, or you just punch in a temporary name but don’t invite them yet. Once you’re ready to invite them, you can edit the field and invite them directly.

  • Look for Email Notifications: When a contract gets shared with a crew member, they will receive a nice email with the great news, that includes the contract title and description. Once they click through to The Pack Tour, the financial details of the deal (the planned days, day rate per type of day, per diems, total amount…) become visible to them in a nice overview.

  • Select your Crew Brand: When a crew member that is not using The Pack yet gets invited, they get the option to create one or more brands during their signup process. They can then choose which brand they would like to work under on the tour they were invited to.

  • Update Contracts (and see them sync): when you update a contract or individual contract items, your updates are automatically synchronized with the contract that the crew member has access to. They will always have the latest information available on The Pack Tour.

    Hot Tip: when you update a contract and want to give the crew member more context, you can edit the contract description to tell them what has changed since the initial contract.

➡️ Go ahead and give it a try, and let us know what you think of these new possibilities!

We're always grateful for your feedback, and we'll be back soon with more news and improvements to make your tourlife better!