Product Update: US, Tour Calendar beta & more.

Exciting product updates: from making USD currency transactions cheaper to brand new tour and crew configurator functionalities in closed beta.

Product Update: US, Tour Calendar beta & more.
Preview of the intro screen on The Pack

We have a slate of exciting updates since the last post on the blog - from making USD currency transactions cheaper to brand new tour and crew configurator functionalities that are in the works. Read on to get the scoop, and don’t hesitate to reach out to in case you have thoughts on any of these.

Hello United States!

Status: Live Now

We have just finalized onboarding our US entity and have activated our US bank account.
As a result, running US tour transactions in USD on The Pack Pay has now become significantly cheaper - since there will be no currency exchange fees due anymore as long as the payments are between US entities.
We are excited for the prospect this offers to bands and tour managers in the United States (or non-US bands who operate under a US entity) to onboard on The Pack Pay.

New Access Controls

Status: Live Now (on The Pack Pay)

We are building new access controls for B(r)ands - which will allow the owners of the b(r)ands to manage differentiated access levels to the b(r)and details, payments and projects. Practically this means users will now be able to create a tour and then delegate invoice approvals to a different user, or give view-only access to the band profile or tours.
Many of the tour managers we’ve interviewed indicated to us that the ability to give management view-only access to a budget, or to have band members approve costs, was a big need. So we're excited to have this live!

Calendar-Based Tour creation

Status: Closed Beta

One of the overwhelming feedbacks we heard is that a tour starts with a budget and that that budget is linked to a start- and end-date.
A big hat-tip to all the Tour Managers who insisted on this point.
That’s why we’re excited to be building a calendar-based tour creation feature. This functionality will allow tour managers to indicate the dates during which a tour is on the road, and ensure days are correctly labeled between show days, off days and travel days.
We have also started to include some initial budget details - but more details on that to come soon!

Crew Configurator

Status: Closed Beta

On top of the calendar creation, we have started to develop a crew configurator. This is where you’ll be able to manage all the crew you’re taking along on the tour, and ensure there’s a link with the days they’re with you on the road.
This functionality will be the foundation for advanced features that we’re excited to reveal soon - think automated personnel cost calculation, easy invoicing and the ability to immediately pay out the crew on the platform whenever you want.

We hope these updates are as exciting to you as they are to us!

If you’re eager to get started and are not a user of The Pack yet, give our platform a try. You can sign up here to start using The Pack Pay, and you’ll automatically get all the new features described above once they are live.

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