A short letter to our users and supporters.

A big thank you to all our users and supporters for being with us in 2023... and a first feature drop for 2024!

A short letter to our users and supporters.
Elias, Jonathan and Hans (left to right)

Dear everyone,

First off, thank you for being with us in 2023 as our first batch of users and supporters.

Many of you created and managed tours on The Pack, uploaded expenses and invoices, and paid or got paid through our platform.

Quite some of you reached out to us through chat or email, asking questions and requesting new capabilities - and we were inspired by pretty much every question to make improvements and build new stuff. Thanks to you all we added things like:

  • Re-using agreements 
  • Showing a calendar of the planning for all b(r)ands you have access to on the homepage
  • Adding markup or contingency to agreements
  • Allowing everyone to bulk upload expenses to their agreements
  • Enabling payors to upload money in advance for one-click payments (Tour Float)
  • Making it easier to see the difference between agreement costs and open payments
  • Making it possible to change payors, and link and unlink payments from an agreement
  • Adding VAT to payments
  • Exporting tour data to spreadsheet format
  • … and much more!

We feel privileged to see you all use what we’re building, from your hotel rooms in Manila to backstages in Mexico City and behind mixing tables in Madrid. On some occasions we even got the chance to hang out together before or after a show, and those for sure were the most magical moments of the year for us.

👂Please keep telling us what works and what doesn’t work, and what you need to make your experience with us better. We take your words extremely seriously

To prove just that, we’re launching a feature today that has been a very popular request.
A simple one, that makes so much sense to have…
… but that had some potential implications we wanted to be very careful about.*

🚮 You can now delete tours on The Pack. 🗑️

To quote a magnificent artist:

We don't make mistakes – we just have happy accidents.

If you do make one though, the delete button is there for you.

We’re looking forward to a magnificent 2024 together with you!

Warm regards,

Elias, Hans, and Jonathan

* We wanted to be very careful about making sure you or the people you work with don’t accidentally lose tour history. As a result, deleting tours is only possible when no expenses or payments are linked to it. If you have tours that have expenses and/or payments linked to them, you can delete them one by one, and then delete the whole tour once you’re done. This should act as a safeguard against a less-than-happy accident :)